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Magnetic source imaging and magnetoencephalography

  • Magnetic source imaging and magnetoencephalography are important new physiological tools which have been developed and approved recently for human clinical application.

    Localization of somatosensory, auditory, motor, speech, visual and other brain functions is presently available. In the future memory function may be mapped.

    Magnetic source imaging provides a functional brain map by recording very small magnetic fields generated by the electrical activity of the brain in response to a specific task defined by a rigorous protocol. This technique is noninvasive and safe.

    The results permit the neurologist or neurosurgeon to evaluate critically the localization of function and possible surgical intervention for epilepsy, magnetoencephalography permits the identification of the area in which the seizures start.

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    Wenbo Zhang, MD, PhD, magnetic source imaging specialist at United Hospital demonstrates how the MSI device measures brain activity on a patient. The patient is lying on a table with the device over the top of her head.