National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators

United Hospital monitors nurse-sensitive outcomes through ourparticipation in the National Database for Nursing QualityIndicators (NDNQI). Each quarter data is submitted on severalnurse-sensitive quality indicators, including:

  • Staffing indicators (nursing hours/patient day, % RNhours)
  • Patient falls (overall fall rate & harmful falls)
  • Unit and hospital-acquired pressure ulcers
  • Assault rates causing injury to others (psychiatric unitsonly)
  • Restraint prevalence (medical/surgical and behavioralhealth)
  • Ventilator-associated pneumonia (Critical Care units only)
  • Catheter-related bloodstream infection (Critical Care unitsonly)
  • RN national certification
  • RN education levels
  • RN satisfaction (annual survey)

This data is integrated into our Nursing Quality Plan and usedto continuously improve the nursing care provided topatients/families, as well as the professional practice environmentfor staff at the nursing unit level.