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Types of surgeries

  • Minimally invasive surgery

    River Falls Area Hospital offers state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgical procedures when appropriate.

    In these procedures, the surgeon inserts a camera through an incision and sees the images on a monitor. Special instruments for the procedure are inserted into other small incisions.

    The surgeon can view the procedure on a fiber optic, high-definition monitor that can magnify and enhance the view.

    In addition, other images, such as X-ray images, can be shown on the monitors at the same time, allowing the surgeon to see the camera and the images simultaneously. The patients benefit by usually experiencing less pain and having faster recovery times.

    Types of surgeries performed

    • colon resections
    • endoscopic (colonoscopy, upper endoscopy)
    • gallbladder
    • gastric
    • general surgery
    • hernia repair
    • hip and knee replacements
    • obstetrics/gynecology
    • ophthalmology (eye) laser
    • orthopedics
    • ear, nose and throat
    • plastic surgery
    • podiatry
    • thoracic
    • tonsils and adenoids
    • urology
    • varicose veins