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Birth experience

  • Private rooms

    You and your baby will stay in our private mother-baby care rooms designed for you and your families' needs.

    The mother-baby rooms feature a sleeper chair, telephone, TV, DVD/CD player and full bathroom.

    Our private room Birth Center promotes mother/infant bonding and family/infant bonding. Your baby has been close to you for many months and thrives on the security of your familiar presence.

    Caring for your baby in your room gives you a wonderful opportunity to get to know your baby's unique personality and to learn about or review infant care and feeding.

    Expert guidance from our staff is available throughout your stay. They will provide you with the most up to date newborn care and postpartum care available. This education includes individual family instruction as well as live demonstrations, video and written material.

    We want to ensure you and your family have all you need to stay healthy and make a smooth transition home.

    Celebration dinner

    We want to help celebrate the birth of your baby by providing dinner for you and your partner. Select your entrée from a menu designed to celebrate the miracle of birth, and enjoy a quiet dinner together before you head home.


    Newborn hearing, jaundice, critical congenital heart defect and metabolic screens are done prior to discharge to ensure your baby has a healthy start.

    Car seat inspections

    Car seat technicians are available to help ensure your infant car seat meets all the standards, as well as show you how to buckle your infant into the car seat properly prior to the delivery of your baby. Car seat technician availability is limited so be sure to inquire ahead of time.

    Breastfeeding help

    If you choose to breastfeed your baby, we have certified lactation counselors available. We also have an international board certified lactation consultant to assist you with breastfeeding. Talk with your nurse for any assistance you may need.

  • Contact us

    Call 715-307-6330 to schedule a tour or to learn more.

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