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Phillips Eye Institute Foundation supports the work of Phillips Eye Institute - a campus of Abbott  Northwestern Hospital  in providing services that span the continuum of eye care needs.

Charitable gifts make it possible to invest in critical technology for diagnosing and treating eye conditions. Donations also support Phillips Eye Institute’s extensive commitment to community service, including the early identification and treatment of vision problems in school children, and improving access to eye care across the region. See the difference your donation made in 2018!

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Changing lives by making vision possible video

[MUSIC PLAYING] This is where we're living. Well, it's yours and mine. Let's make it brighter while we got the time. 

Welcome to the urban cocktail party. For the 10th consecutive year, we're here to change lives by improving eye health care for people right here in our community, and we want to have a lot of fun in the process. Phillips Eye Institute is the second largest eye hospital in the nation. Each year we treat over 15,000 patients from around the five-state region. Thanks to your generous donations investing in sight, we're able to make a huge impact in four key initiatives. 

With Early Youth Eyecare, 30,000 Minneapolis and St. Paul public school children receive vision screening and follow-up care, and complete vision exams are provided on the region's first mobile eye clinic. Thanks to your donations, vision screening and follow-up care are provided at no cost to families. 

Every year the Early Youth Eyecare community initiative has touched the lives of at least some of my students, and I would say change their lives dramatically. 

It has helped so many students that Anderson so that barrier of vision trouble can be eliminated from the mix of all the things that are going on in students' lives. 

With cutting edge technology and equipment, we can offer some of the best eyecare in the country. 

I think ophthalmology is probably one of the most technology intensive subspecialties in medicine. Some the more rapidly it changes the more money we have to put into it. 

It's easy to take for granted something as simple as a ride to a doctor's office or a hospital. But for 1 in every 4 of our patients, they need to rely on us for a ride at no cost. That's why every year we allocate substantial funds to help our patients get to their appointments on time. And just as important, to never miss the necessary follow-up care. 

At Phillips Eye Institute, we care deeply for our men and women in uniform. Not only is there eyesight imperative to their roles but also to keep them healthy long after their service to our country and community is over. And that's exactly why we provide troops in the National Guard and reserves laser vision surgery at low or no cost. 

I've always had this deep seated connection to the city that I grew up in, the community that we're involved in. 

What I would tell other donors as they're considering where to really make a long-term commitment is Phillips Eye Institute really is an organization that we know we're impacting positively the community. 

This program really has been priceless for our students at Andersen. 

And that day that they come in wearing their glasses, it's like I want to do a dance. 

There's a very direct connection between the donation and the patient outcome. The dollars contributed to the technology fund purchase equipment that we, the physician staff, use to treat our patients. I think that is very cool. 

Early Youth Eyecare, technology, transportation, and Sight for Soldiers-- four great reasons for getting together tonight to invest in sight and change lives. Through your generosity, the future looks bright. 

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