Patient story

Making surgery a comfortable experience for patients

Let's face it, nobody wants to have surgery. The idea of going under anesthesia and having any kind of procedure is not a pleasant thought. Kim Olson of Owatonna wasn't looking forward to this.

"I was a little nervous for the actual procedure," said Olson. "Any time you're in the hospital, it's a little scary." Olson's fears were put at ease the moment she stepped through the hospital doors. "Well, right from the beginning, I was welcomed by the kind Information Desk staff and because I wasn't sure where to go, they helped me find my way up to the second floor waiting room for surgical patients," said Olson. "From the registration folks to the nurses, everyone was very kind and understood that I was anxious."

The most welcoming comfort for Olson was the added warmth she received from her hospital gown. The 3M™ Bair Paws™ gown (or as surgical patients refer to them, "bair paws") allows the patient to adjust the temperature of the air flowing through the gown to a level that's right for them.

"I actually wore my warm socks for the day of the procedure," said Olson. "But I didn't need them because I was able to adjust the temperature up or down depending on how I was feeling before and after the procedure, helping me feel more at home."

Using the 3M Bair Paws gown

The Bair Paws gown is designed to replace the traditional patient gown and warmed cotton blankets by adding a patient-adjustable warming gown and unit in one system. Plus, Bair Paws is soft, wraps around the whole body for full coverage and is a single-use gown provided just for you. In addition, this system is a needed convenience in the health care setting, as it helps the care team to prevent patient hypothermia in the pre-op and operating room.

There are two parts to the Bair Paws system: the warming gown and the warming unit. The Bair Paws gown is worn like a traditional cotton gown. It ties on the right side and behind the neck. After you put on your Bair Paws gown, your doctor or nurse will connect a warming unit hose to the hose port on the gown and show you how to use the handheld controller for the warming unit. When the unit is turned on, air will flow through the port and reach the patient through tiny holes in the gown.

Kim Olson with her granddaughter. Kim had surgery at Owatonna Hospital.

Kim Olson with her granddaughter. Kim had surgery at Owatonna Hospital and was comforted by the 3M Bair Paws gown, which allows patients to adjust the temperature to a level that's right for them.