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  • Lung Power: Pulmonary rehabilitation program

    Mercy Respiratory Services offers an education and exercise program called Lung Power for patients with chronic lung disease (COPD) and their families. The program teaches you about your illness and how to manage your condition. A respiratory therapist helps you improve your stamina and your potential for a more active life.

    The educational series consists of six weekly classes and an individualized, supervised exercise program to increase exercise tolerance. A physician referral is required for program participation.

    A physician referral is required to enroll in Lung Power.

    Focused Asthma Management Education (FAME)

    Mercy Respiratory Services offers individualized education on managing your asthma. You will learn how to get the most from your breathing medications. A respiratory therapist will help you identify potential triggers and troublemakers that cause asthma attacks. A baseline breathing test is performed.

    Ask your doctor to refer you for this valuable self-management program.

    Tobacco intervention program

    Mercy Hospital offers tobacco intervention programs for inpatients and outpatients. If you are at Mercy Hospital for medical reasons and are a smoker, you can ask to speak with a tobacco cessation counselor. The counselor will assist you in developing a plan to quit using tobacco products and will follow up with you after you leave the hospital.

    Tobacco cessation from Allina Health

    Outpatient programs are also available that offer education and group support, whether you have tried to quit before or if this is your first attempt.

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