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Allina Health Pharmacy

  • Ordering prescriptions

    Refill a prescription

    Refills are generally available within 48 hours at an Allina Health Pharmacy.

    If there are no refills left on your prescription, the process to get the prescription request to the pharmacy may take up to three business days.

    If your prescription was previously filled at an Allina Health Pharmacy:

    1. Have your name, prescription number and name of the medication ready.
      - or -
      if the prescription number is not known, your birth date and/or Social Security number can be used to find the record.
    2. Call the Allina Health Pharmacy location of your choice
      - or - 
      Sign in to your Allina Health account and select Health info, then Medications. (Prescription refills requested online are only available from an Allina Health Pharmacy.)

    Fill a new prescription

    To fill a new prescription at an Allina Health Pharmacy:

    1. Have a prescription order signed by your physician.
    2. Bring it to one of our pharmacy locations or have your physician call or fax in the new order.

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  • Specialty pharmacy program

    The specialty pharmacy program helps manage your medicine needs, if you have a complex medical condition. You would benefit from specialty pharmacy program services if you have a complex medical condition, such as multiple sclerosis, organ transplant, inflammatory diseases or hepatitis C.

    For more information call 1-866-462-2057.