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Audio sleep guide

  • Relaxation therapy to help you sleep

    If you're having trouble getting to sleep, these audio files will help ease you into a good night's rest.

    1. Introduction: In this four-minute introduction, Cindy explains the techniques she will guide you through to help you get to sleep.
    2. Download introduction transcript.

    3. Progressive muscle relaxation: This five-minute segment helps release muscle tension and decrease anxiety.
    4. Download progressive muscle relaxation transcript.

    5. Deep breathing: This four-minute section helps quiet the mind, calm the body, slow down preparing for sleep.
    6. Download deep breathing transcript.

    7. Guided imagery: Use your imagination in an active way to promote relaxation in the next four minutes.
    8. Download guided imagery transcript.

    9. Affirmations: If you apply the affirmations you hear within these seven minutes, you will sleep better.
    10. Download affirmations transcript.

    11. Music: Let four minutes of soothing music lull you to sleep.

      [This track is instrumental music only.]

    Please note: These activities may help you get to sleep. However, they are not treatment for sleep disorders.

  • Source: Allina Health, Relaxation for Sleep CD (All music used with permission from Serenity©2011)
    Reviewed by: Cindy Heppner, bio-feedback therapist, United Pain Center
    First published: 02/02/2011
    Last reviewed: 02/02/2011