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Sleep study: What to expect

  • For the sleep study, you will spend the night at a sleep center. Special electrodes and sensors will be placed on your head, face, chest, legs and finger. A video camera will record you sleeping.

    The study has little to no discomfort, and it will last for at least six hours.

    Sometimes additional testing may be needed, and you will be asked to stay for more testing during the next day. Please make arrangements should you need to stay.

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  • Sleep study results

    If you have sleep apnea and testing indicates that a CPAP machine could help control it, the sleep technologist will talk with you about your option of having a machine ordered for you to use at home.

    • A doctor at the Sleep Center will interpret your study results.
    • You will have a follow-up appointment with your regular doctor or the Sleep Center doctor. He or she will talk with you about the results, your therapy options and answer any questions or concerns you have.
    • Your sleep study results will take some time to read. Please do not call your doctor for results before your follow-up appointment.

    If you have any general questions, call your doctor.

  • Allina Health Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment

    woman sits up in bed and glares and snoring husband who needs sleep apnea treatment

    If you need a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine to help you sleep well, we'll not only deliver the equipment you need, we'll show you how to use and maintain it.