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Honoring Choices

  • It's about the conversation

    Advance care planning is a process which helps you think about, talk about, and write down your choices for future health care decisions. While it's not an easy topic to consider, it is important for every adult to have a health care directive–a written plan for loved ones and health care providers to follow–so that your wishes are known if a time comes when you cannot speak for yourself.

    Honoring Choices Minnesota is focused on helping every Minnesotan understand what advance care planning is, and working with health care providers to make sure they offer assistance to all patients, and will honor your choices.

    The most important part of advance care planning is the conversations you have with your family and friends. Writing down your wishes is only helpful if the people in your life who will be involved know about them and understand them.

    Usually, the first step in creating a health care directive is choosing who will be your health care agent. This person, sometimes called a proxy, or health care power of attorney, will be the one you trust to make decisions for you if you cannot do so yourself. Often, the best person for the role of agent is not the first person you think of. It's important to talk about this with those closest to you and determine who will be best suited to carry out your wishes.

    The other part of a health care directive is stating your treatment choices. This part may be as detailed or as simple as you would like; it's all about what is important to you. There are no right or wrong choices, and you can change your directive at any time–in fact, we encourage you to look at it periodically throughout your life to make sure it is still an accurate expression of your wishes.

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