telehealthAs an option to traditional medical clinic visits, TeleHealth services are real time, remote, face-to-face health care video interactions to access, diagnose and treat patient conditions.

TeleHealth (also known as telemedicine) offers patients several advantages over traditional care:

  • Shorter wait for care:With the addition of TeleHealth appointments, we offer faster access to a variety of specialists for complex patients (heart, stroke) and for conditions (mental health) that are undertreated and poorly resourced.
  • Convenience: Patients can receive expert care delivered close to home in a familiar environment.  Less travel time is also easier on the patient’s family and support system.
  • Cost to patient: The costs for telehealth visits are similar to traditional medical appointments and are usually covered by medical insurance.

What to expect during a TeleHealth visit

Although each service may have unique features, Allina Health TeleHealth visits follow the same general process. Prior to or during the appointment, our providers have access to a patient’s medical history, lab and other test results through the use of secure technology. Once connected via technology, patients and providers can also see each other on monitors and talk to each other as they would in a traditional office visit.

Our providers also work in partnership with each patient’s personal physician and clinical team, so any changes or recommendations made during these appointments are then part of their care plan, which also keeps care centralized for patients.