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During pregnancy (antepartum) services

  • Medical services and reassurance

    Some mothers need extra medical care during pregnancy – in addition to their clinic visits.

    Depending on the situation and needs, an Allina Health Home Health - Mother & Newborn nurse can come to your home or workplace. Visits are typically once or twice a week, but can be daily, if needed. Your family and others in your support system are welcome to be part of each visit.

    Doctors usually recommend Allina Health Home Health - Mother & Newborn for these antepartum services:

    expand to learn more Skilled OB nurse care

    expand to learn moreFetal monitoring

    expand to learn moreNausea and vomiting treatment

    expand to learn morePreterm labor prevention

    expand to learn moreHigh blood pressure management

    expand to learn moreDiabetes during pregnancy treatment

  • We'll visit after your baby arrives.

    After delivery, many moms and newborns qualify for one Allina Health Home Health - Mother & Newborn visit at no additional cost. Our nurses check the health status of moms and babies, answer questions about health concerns or infant care. Information about the home care visit is usually provided during your hospital stay.

  • For more information

    Call 612-863-4478

    As her partner looks on, a pregnant woman lying in a bed looks at an monitor as an OB nurse takes ultrasound images of her fetus.

    An Allina Health Home Health - Mother & Newborn nurse uses pregnancy ultrasound to show a woman on bedrest how her baby is doing.

    "My relationship with my nurse was most valuable to me. I felt that she really cared about me, and she gave me a lot of reassurance during the home visits."

    Photo: Christine after eight weeks on bed rest