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  • Allina Health Orthopedic Institute

    Comprehensive orthopedic care

    The ability to move freely and without pain is essential to living your life to the fullest. If you have aches, pains or an injury that is affecting how you live your life, the orthopedic specialists at Allina Health can help. 

    Acute and sports-related injuries such as fractures, sprains and tears

    Whether you’re a high school athlete, a weekend warrior or sprained your ankle stepping over the dog, turn to our specialists for consultation and treatment. They have years of experience and access to the latest technologies to help prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate orthopedic conditions in athletes of all abilities. 

    Chronic joint pain in the knee, hip, ankle, hand, elbow or shoulder

    Chronic joint discomfort from an old injury, arthritis or simple aging can slow you down. Let us help you begin living your life again with conservative joint repair treatments, arthroscopic surgery, or hip or knee replacement. 

    Pains, strains and sprains

    Even mild pain can prevent you from living your life. Sometimes all you need is a little advice from an orthopedic specialist. For others, physical therapy does the trick.

    Assessments and prevention

    Early detection, general wellness and staying ahead – there are ways to prevent injuries before they happen or get worse. From concussion care to fitness assessments and nutrition counseling, we have you covered.

    No matter your starting point and no matter your goal, we’re here to support you at each step.

  • Make an appointment

    Call a location to make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. 

    SAOS physicians wearing Minnesota United FC scarves

    Minnesota United FC team physicians Robby Bershow, MD; Aimee Klapach, MD; Joseph Bellamy, MD

    Allina Health is the official orthopedic partner of Minnesota United FC. Whether it’s mending a sprain, fixing a fracture or treating chronic joint pain, athletes of all abilities can access these same top-notch orthopedic specialists.  

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