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Stroke care

  • Use the BE FAST test to recognize and respond to the signs of stroke

    Balance – Sudden difficulty with balance

    Eyes – Sudden problems with vision in one or both eyes

    Face – Face or smile droops on one side

    Arms- Sudden weakness in arm or leg

    Speech – Unable to repeat a simple sentence, or slurred words

    Time – If you observe any of these symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately

    Fast action can save brain function when having a stroke. There are a number of effective treatments for stroke, but they are most effective only in the first few hours after stroke symptoms start. Other symptoms you should know:

    • Confusion: Sudden confusion, difficulty understanding language, difficulty thinking
    • Headache: Sudden severe headache, the worst headache of your life

    Sandra Hanson, MD, Stroke Program medical director for Allina Health, explains more about stroke in the short videos shown below.

  • Stroke video transcripts

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