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Nasseff CyberKnife

  • The Nasseff CyberKnife® M6™Series allows the most advanced indication-specific tumor tracking capability available. 

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  • Non-invasive, precise treatment for tumors and lesions throughout the body

    The CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System is a pain-free, non-surgical option for patients who have inoperable or surgically complex tumors, or who may be looking for an alternative to surgery. The innovative design and unique features of the CyberKnife System allows patients to fight and treat cancer and lesions with minimal disruption to their lives. CyberKnife delivers high doses of radiation to tumors with robotic precision, sparing surrounding healthy tissue and organs.

    Specialists at Nasseff CyberKnife have years of experience in treating most cancerous and non-cancerous tumors throughout the body and head. We also have expertise in using CyberKnife to treat certain other medical conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia and arteriovenous malformations, or AVMs.

    The CyberKnife System is approved by the FDA to treat tumors and lesions anywhere in the body.

    CyberKnife treatment may not be appropriate for all conditions and patients, but we invite you to contact our caring and expert staff to help determine if CyberKnife is right for you. Call us at 651-241-4646.

  • About John Nasseff

    John Nasseff, a retired executive from West Publishing Company, has a long tradition of generosity to United Hospital Foundation. He’s been vital to building state-of-the-art facilities on the United campus, and his gifts have allowed the acquisition of the latest technology for cardiology and neuroscience services. In 2012, Allina Health announced the formation of the John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute in recognition of philanthropic support from Mr. Nasseff. Most recently, a substantial gift from Mr. Nasseff allowed the acquisition of the CyberKnife System®.

  • Reviewed by: Leslie Nussbaum, MD,  PhD, neurosurgeon, co-medical director, Nasseff CyberKnife
    First published: 02/10/2015
    Last reviewed: 02/06/2015

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