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  • Mental health groups

    Group therapy

    People connect in support group

    Group therapy is a form of counseling where up to eight participants meet in a group setting. People in the group typically face similar issues such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, family problems or addiction.

    In group therapy, you can share your experience, learn from and support others, and develop skills for managing mental health concerns.

    While everyone's personal journey is their own, there is so much healing that can happen in a group setting. We encourage you to determine if one of the following groups is right for you. 

    65+ Depression Group

    The 65+ Depression Process Group is an ongoing group for adults 65 and older who are living with depression. This group provides support, structure and connection to other older adults who are dealing with depression. 

    Anxiety and Depression Group

    The eight-week group for adults dealing with depression and/or anxiety focuses on learning skills to decrease depression and anxiety symptoms. 

    Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain

    This six-week group is for adults living with chronic pain, along with other mental health issues.

    Way to Wellness

    woman outdoors basking in sunshine

    This eight-week course focuses on coping with stress and symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. It is held in St. Paul, Minn.:

    Good to know

    • Participants are required to complete an intake prior to starting a group.
    • These groups are billable to medical insurance.  
    • Ask your primary care provider about additional groups and offerings at your clinic.
  • Frequently asked questions about group therapy

    Here are answers to questions we often hear about group therapy.

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    expand to learn moreIs this like a support group?

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    expand to learn moreIf I am in group therapy will I still see my provider individually?

    expand to learn moreHow long are the sessions?

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  • What participants say

    Here is what past participants have said about Allina Health's group therapy programs:

    An eye opening experience for me, I realized I can't live my life being anxious all the time.

    had reservations about the group at first, but came to realize it is a great program.

    This group helped me look at myself and what I can do to help myself.

    This group has been a lifeline for me. 

    It was nice to hear other's situations; I don't feel so alone

    The information and compassion of the facilitators was wonderful.