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What to tell your doctor

  • Before your surgery, it is important to tell your doctor if you:

    • are pregnant
    • have ever had diabetes, kidney problems, high blood pressure, seizures, heart problems or breathing problems
    • are taking any prescription and over-the-counter medicines, herbals and/or vitamins
    • are currently taking any pain medicines
    • have an allergy to X-ray contrast
    • have an allergy to latex
    • have an allergy to medicines or foods
    • have MRSA or VRE or have been diagnosed with a medicine-resistant bacteria
    • have false teeth, any prosthesis, or contact lenses
    • have any health changes (sore throat, cold, fever, dental problem, urinating problem) or skin changes (rash, cuts, etc.)
    • need an interpreter at the hospital. Tell your doctor what language you need.