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Rehabilitation options

  • Not everyone needs rehabilitation after a hospital stay. If you do, you have options. The type of rehabilitation you receive depends on your ability to take part in therapy, your medical and nursing needs, and your caregiver.

    • Hospital programs
      These are for people who need doctor and nurse care every day. These programs are done in special rehabilitation hospitals or in "acute care" hospitals. You will stay in the hospital where you have therapy. The length of time you stay in a hospital program depends on your needs and goals.
    • Skilled nursing facility
      This care is for people who need 24-hour care. You will receive short-term or long-term care for your health needs. Your stay will depend on your needs.
    • Transitional care unit (TCU)
      This care is for people who need more help and health care services every day than what they can get at home. Most people stay in a TCU for 2 to 4 weeks. Your stay will depend on your needs.
    • Outpatient programs
      These are for people who live at home. They go to the hospital for care during the day.
    • Home care
      These programs let people receive services in their own homes.
  • Source: Allina Health Patient EducationUnderstanding Stroke, fifth edition, neuro-ahc-90662
    Reviewed by: Allina Health Patient Education experts
    First published: 02/01/2006
    Last reviewed: 05/01/2018

  • Tip

    You may not need rehabilitation after your hospital stay. Talk with your social worker about your options.