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Role of your care circle

  • Members of your care circle are important to your recovery. They need to understand what you are going through and how the stroke has affected you.

    The adjustment may be easier if your care circle knows how to handle problems that may come up after you leave the hospital. Your care circle can also help by giving you support and encouragement.

    Members of your care circle can help by:

    • taking care of themselves (eating well, getting rest, doing things they enjoy, and dealing with their own feelings such as anger, anxiety or resentment)
    • knowing that your progress may be slow
    • visiting and talking with you
    • sitting with you in silence
    • letting you know you are still needed and important
    • supporting your rehabilitation decisions
    • becoming educated about your condition and recovery
    • asking to go along to therapy sessions
    • supporting and encouraging you to meet your milestones during your recovery
    • showing confidence in your improvement
    • working with members of your health care team to create a healing environment at home
    • sharing responsibilities
    • being realistic in knowing you may have recovery limits
  • Source: Allina Health Patient EducationUnderstanding Stroke, fifth edition, neuro-ahc-90662
    Reviewed by: Allina Health Patient Education experts
    First published: 02/01/2007
    Last reviewed: 05/01/2018