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Cleansing your skin for knee replacement surgery

  • Areas to wash before hip replacement surgery
    The numbered areas in the drawing show where to cleanse your body using each of the cleansing cloths. The numbers in the text below give you more details on how to cleanse your body. 

    1. Using the first cloth, wipe your neck and chest.
    2. Using the second cloth, wipe both arms. Start at your shoulder and end at the fingertips. Be sure to wipe well under each arm and in the armpit areas.
    3. Using the third cloth, wipe your right and left hip, then your groin. Be sure to wipe any folds in the stomach and groin areas.
    4. Using the fourth cloth, wipe both legs. Start at the thigh and end at the toes. Be sure to wipe the front and back of each leg.
    5. Using the fifth cloth, wipe your back. Start at the base of your neck and end at the buttocks.
    6. Using the sixth (last) cloth, rewipe the surgery area.