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Total hip replacement: What to expect at the hospital and what to consider about visitors

    • Please arrive at the hospital as directed by the nurse who called you before your surgery. Follow the instructions he or she gave you for how to register before your surgery. See Preparing for surgery section to learn more.
    • Family members can join you and wait with you until your surgery.
    • When you go to the operating room, your family will be directed to the surgery waiting room.
    • The surgery time varies from one hour to several hours. The surgeon will talk with your family when your surgery is over.

    What to consider about visitors

    The first few days after your surgery are filled with lots of activity as you learn how to use your new joint. 

    Your health care team will balance this activity with rest periods. Family and friend support is also essential to your healthy recovery and should be balanced with your rest needs.

    The hospital is often the best place to get the rest you need to feel strong enough to return home. For this reason, you may prefer to ask visitors to see you and your family after you go home.

    Each hospital area has different visitor rules, so check with your health care team about rules for your care unit.