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The day before and the morning of your hip replacement surgery

  • Food and liquid restrictions before surgery

    • You may eat up to eight hours before your procedure.
      • Eat light meals, such as oatmeal or toast.
      • Avoid foods that are heavy or high in fat, such as meat or fried foods.
    • Do not use chewing tobacco six hours before your procedure.
    • You may have clear liquids up to two hours before your procedure.
      • Drink water, fruit juice without pulp, black coffee, tea, hard candies and gum.
      • Do not have milk, yogurt or alcohol.
    • Take your regular medicine(s) with a small sip of water.

    The day before your surgery

    • Report any changes in your health (sore throat, cold, fever, dental problem, urinating problem) or skin condition (rash, abrasions, etc.) to your surgeon because such a problem may require postponing your surgery.
    • Follow these instructions 1 to 2 hours after taking a bath or shower.
      • Open all three packages.
      • Reach into one of the three open packages. Take out two cloths at one time with the foam holder and put them on a clean surface. Repeat for the second and third packages.
      • After you start using the cloths, do not touch your eyes, ears or mouth.
      • Follow the skin cleansing steps on page 44.
        • Gently cleanse your skin using a back-and-forth motion.
        • Be sure to completely cover each area.
        • You may need help wiping some areas of your body.
      • After you gently cleanse each area, let your skin air dry for 1 to 3 minutes.
      • It is normal for your skin to feel tacky or sticky for several minutes after you apply the solution.
        • Do not rinse or rub off the solution.
        • Do not apply deodorant, perfume, lotions, moisturizers, gels, powders or make-up after cleansing your skin.
      • Throw away the used cloths.
        Do not flush the cloths down the toilet.
      • Wash your hands with warm water and soap.
      • Put on clean clothes or sleepwear, and clean sheets on bed.
    • Read about cleansing your skin for surgery

    The morning of surgery

    • If you were given instructions to take medicines the morning of your surgery, take them as directed with a small sip of water.
    • Take a shower the morning of your surgery as directed by your surgeon.
    • Put on clean, comfortable clothes to wear to the hospital.
    • Arrive at the hospital 2 hours or as directed before your surgery. If you have trouble walking or moving, allow yourself extra time.