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Transplant coordinator

  • You will work most closely with the transplant coordinator. Because you may wait many months for a kidney, the transplant coordinator needs to have your most current information at all times.

    Call this person any time you:

    • change your phone number (home, cell or work)
    • change your mailing address
    • change your medicines (taking a new one or stopping a current one)
    • are sick
    • are in the hospital
    • need to schedule exams or tests
    • need any procedure or surgery
    • need help with financial or insurance information
    • receive new test results
    • have any change in your health or current kidney treatment
    • have any questions about your regular health care and/or transplant surgery
    • will be out of town. Let the transplant coordinator know how to reach you.


    The transplant coordinator may need to leave messages on your answering machine. Tell your coordinator if you have a private answering machine and if it's OK to leave personal messages about your health care.

    If you do not have an answering machine, you do not need to buy one.