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How tobacco affects you

  • Tobacco:

    • damages and narrows blood vessels
      • This can lead to infections and risk for stroke.
    • increases blood pressure
      • This can lead to stroke or heart disease.
    • makes your blood vessels and arteries "sticky," which can block blood flow
      • This raises your risks for heart disease, kidney disease, retinopathy (eye disease that causes blindness) and nerve damage.
    • increases insulin resistance
      • This can raise your blood glucose and lead to diabetes.
  • Not Ready to Quit?
    Consider Taking a Break!

    If quitting tobacco seems like too much right now, consider taking a break or a vacation from tobacco use.

    This can help you feel better by restoring balance*.

    • Set a goal to stop using tobacco.
    • Talk with your doctor for resources or ways to cope with withdrawal symptoms.

    If this goes well, maybe you will take more breaks during the year. This could lead to a tobacco-free life!

    *Follow your doctor’s directions for medicine, exercise, diet and other activities.