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When to call your baby's health care provider

  • Call your baby's health care provider if your baby:

    • breathes too fast or too slow (A newborn breathes between 40 and 60 times a minute.)
    • grunts or whistles while breathing
    • has a change in his skin color: blue around the mouth, pale skin or yellow skin that spreads from the head to chest, hands, legs or feet
    • has a temperature of 100.4 F rectally or higher, or if his temperature is lower than 98 F after being warmed for one hour
    • cries nonstop and can't be comforted
    • has a change in his activity level (doesn't wake to feed or is too agitated to sleep)
    • refuses to eat for more than two feedings
    • is throwing up often or with force
    • has more than eight liquid stools a day (formula fed) or 12 liquid stools a day (breastfed)
    • has fewer than four to six wet diapers a day (baby older than three days) or if your baby has no stools or pellet-like stools
    • has a new skin rash
    • has a reddened area of skin around the cord or smelly drainage
    • boy has bleeding, swelling or smelly drainage from the penis or circumcision site
    • has a cough or cold that won't go away or is getting worse
    • has yellow or green drainage from his nose
    • has any drainage from his eyes (other than tears)
    • is sleepier than usual

    If you call your baby's health care provider because your baby is ill, be ready to answer questions like these:

    • What is your baby's age and approximate weight?
    • Does your baby have a fever? If yes, what?
    • How did you take the temperature?
    • How long has your baby been ill?
    • What are the signs and symptoms?
    • Is there any other important health history?
    • Is your baby allergic to anything? If yes, what?
    • What is your pharmacy phone number?


    Call your baby's health care provider if you have a concern about your baby's health and well-being.

    Call 911 or go the nearest hospital emergency department if your baby is having an emergency.