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Mother newborn home care visits

  • Your health care provider may order a home visit for you and your baby to support you both as you settle home. This home visit may be provided by Allina Mother and Newborn Home Health or another local home visiting program. It will happen shortly after you leave the hospital

    The home care nurse will check your and your baby's health, answer your questions about health or baby care, infant feeding issues and provide education and support.

    Ongoing home care visits for the physical needs of you or your baby may be needed after you are home from the hospital. These needs might be for a blood pressure check, baby weight check, feeding, jaundice assessments or lab work.

    If home care isn't available in your area, ask a member of your health care team about the services available to you. There are also home health resources listed in the back of this book.

  • Tip

    This visit can be reassuring to all new parents. Ask your health care provider if a home care visit is an option for you.

    Allina Health Home Health - Mother & Newborn

    Home visits by a nurse

    nurse visiting family with newborn at home

    Allina Health Home Health - Mother & Newborn coordinates a nursing visit to a new mom's home, usually within a few days of leaving the hospital. 

    Information about a home care visit typically is given to new moms while they are still in the hospital.

    Allina Health Home Health - Mother & Newborn