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Fruit and berry salad

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    Fruit and berry salad Heart Smart Gluten Free Low Sodium

    Greek yogurt has about twice as much protein as regular yogurt. Protein helps to make you feel full for longer.


    1 cup red grapes, plucked from vine
    1 cup blueberries
    1 cup cantaloupe, cubed
    1 cup strawberries, top stems removed and cut in half
    2 cups fat-free Greek yogurt
    1/2 key lime (juice only)
    1 tablespoon honey
    1 medium banana, sliced *


    1. In a large bowl, combine grapes, blueberries, cantaloupe and strawberries. Gently toss to mix together. Set aside.
    2. In a medium bowl, combine Greek yogurt, lime juice and honey. Mix well.
    3. To serve, place 1/2 cup fruit in each serving dish. Scoop 1/4 cup dressing over top of each. Garnish with sliced banana, if desired.*

    Recipe contains: milk

    Makes 8 servings

    *Option not included in nutrition facts.

    Fruit and berry salad.

    Add your favorite berries to this delicious and healthy salad*. Store any leftover fruit salad in the freezer to use later in a smoothie. You can freeze the fruit with or without the dressing on top. The dressing will make your smoothie sweeter!

    Photo credit: Health Powered Kids

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