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Bike safety

  • No one ever plans on having an accident. It's good to know that if you do, you're going to have your safety gear on.

    Ben Utecht, former Minnesota Gopher and Super Bowl champion, shares the importance of wearing a helmet whenever you ride a bicycle. He also shows his kids how to wear their bike helmets.

    Utecht's professional football career ended because of a concussion. This type of brain injury has become the biggest injury in sports over the last couple of years. Concussions can also happen during recreational activities like riding your bike.

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  • Free Bikes 4 Kidz

    a boy wearing a bike helmet smiles as he rides his dirt bike

    Allina Health partners with Free Bikes 4 Kidz to help all kids ride into a happier, healthier childhood by providing bikes to those most in need. Allina Health gave copies of this video with free helmets to all who received bikes at the statewide Free Bikes 4 Kidz giveaway.

    What you should know about concussions in sports


    A concussion is a blow to the head that affects how the brain works.

    Concussions in sports can happen in free play, recreational sports, youth leagues, or in high school and college sports.

    ImPACT™, a 20-minute computer test, would help your child in the event of a future concussion.