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Stroke transfers and services

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    Stroke transfers

    To arrange a transfer to Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, call 612-863-1000.

    For stroke transfers to United Hospital in St. Paul, call 651-241-8400.

  • Stroke center services and features

    Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis

    United Hospital in St. Paul

  • National guidelines

    Allina's Neurologic Emergency Treatment NETwork protocols were developed in partnership with these leading expert organizations:

    The America Stroke Association is part of the American Heart Association.The American Stroke Association focuses on reducing disability and death from stroke through research, education, fund raising and advocacy. 

    Allina stroke protocols coincide with the American Stroke Association's continuous quality improvement standards for acute stroke treatment and ischemic stroke prevention. Those guidelines focus on care team protocols to ensure that patients are treated and discharged appropriately.

    National_Stroke_AssociationThe National Stroke Association provides expertise and leadership for those in the United States who are at risk of, suffering or recovering from stroke.

    The National Stroke Association also partners with industry leaders to develop and publish guidelines on stroke care, prevention, stroke centers and more. The care provided at Allina stroke centers follow those guidelines.