Care delivery research

Patients, families, providers and communities can benefit from care delivery research.

Our care delivery research team collaborates with clinical service lines and providers at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and across Allina Health to design, implement and disseminate health care improvement in these areas of focus:

  • Critical care research prioritizes and supports studies that will ensure optimal care and outcomes of critically ill or injured patients. Investigator teams reflect the multidisciplinary nature of critical care medicine. Investigators include intensivists, hospitalists, cardiologists, neurologists, surgeons, radiologists, nurses, and pharmacists.

  • Emergency medical services research focuses on improving the delivery and outcomes of the pre-hospital care provided by Allina Health Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Investigators include emergency medicine physicians, paramedics and operational leaders.

  • Hospitalist research investigates the outcomes of care delivery and care coordination improvements for hospital patients under the care of hospitalists. Investigators develop methods to guide the advancement of identified best practices and innovations across the system.

  • Mother baby research focuses on patient outcomes and improved experience by identifying the most effective treatments and models of delivery. Through a partnership with Allina Health and Children’s Minnesota, the Mother Baby Clinical Service Line (MBCSL) brings together mother and baby care in obstetrics, perinatology, newborn care, neonatology, and gynecology to provide world class care, outcomes, and experience for women, babies, and families.

  • Population health research advances partnerships to improve the health of communities. Care delivery research team members are part of the Heart of New Ulm Project. The population-based cardiovascular disease prevention program is a collaborative partnership of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, Allina Health and the community of New Ulm, Minn. For more about Heart of New Ulm Project research, visit

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