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eProtocol submissions

  • eProtocol is the online submission system for research projects to the Allina Health Office of Sponsored Programs.

    Projects to be submitted to the Allina Health Institutional Review Board should be submitted via IRBNet.

    Consult the resources on this page for help in using eProtocol.

    User agreement

    Allina Health requires all users to submit a signed copy of the user agreement before a user ID and password are issued.

    If you have completed and submitted a user agreement, you will receive an email with your user ID and password. Emails are sent once daily.

    PI assurance

    A signed copy of the assurance is required for each study submitted to OSP.

    PI assurance agreement

  • Tips for success in eProtocol

    Use a recommended browser.

    If you are using Windows, eProtocol works best when using Mozilla Firefox.

    If you are using a Mac, eProtocol works best when using Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

    Allow pop-up windows.

    Pop-up blocking software prevents the eProtocol application from opening certain windows. You'll need to make sure that your browser has all pop-up blocking software disabled while using eProtocol.

    Avoid using your browser's BACK button.

    Instead, use the menus and links within the application to navigate.

    SAVE frequently.

    eProtocol will time out after 45 minutes of inactivity. Only actions that cause the page to refresh or reload (such as saving or navigating to a new section) are indications to the system that your session is active.

    Be patient.

    Some processes can take a minute to run. Avoid clicking your mouse while your pages are loading so that the system does not force you log in again.

    Read the instructions.

    Many pages in the forms offer instructions on the page to guide you and to answer the most common questions. You can also check the FAQ page for answers to eProtocol questions.

    Sign out.

    To protect your private information, always log off and shut down your browser completely (close all browser windows) when you are finished using eProtocol.