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Clinical Research Informatics and Analytics

  • The mission of the Clinical Research Informatics and Analytics (CRIA) team is to apply the science of information management to enable the effective and efficient execution of clinical research, including clinical trials, observation studies and outcomes research.

    Our key strategic goal is to build a world-class clinical research informatics and technology infrastructure through the implementation of systems, tools, and data extracting and reporting services.

    About CRIA

    The Clinical Research Informatics and Analytics (CRIA) team is composed of staff with expertise in health informatics, project management, data extraction and report writing, and statistics. CRIA collaborates with various teams at Allina Health to provide comprehensive research support services related to research data access, use and disclosure.

    Services provided include:

    • grant preparation support for cohort identification, feasibility and budgeting for data extraction/analytics work
    • IRB application support for cohort identification, electronic health record (EHR) data identification, variable list feasibility
    • workflow analysis to support data collection
    • Allina Health EHR tool build design and project management
    • data extraction from Allina Health information systems
    • data analytics support