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Strike resources

  • Nurses vote yes to contract; return to work begins soon

    On Thursday, Oct. 13, nurses at five Allina Health metro hospitals voted yes to the tentative agreement reach earlier by Allina Health and the Minnesota Nurses Association. We are pleased that the contract has been ratified and will return nurses to work as quickly as possible.

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  • Return to work process and principles

    Because we now have a ratified agreement, nurses can no longer return to work outside of the formal return to work process agreed to by the union.

    Striking nurses will be called to return to work using the following principles:

    1. Striking nurses will be returned on a shift-by-shift basis depending upon the posted work schedules. The nurses will return to active status when the return to work process begins, which will be no later than 7 a.m. on the third day following notice to Allina Health that the contracts have been ratified. By 7 a.m. on the second day following notice by the Union to Allina Health that the collective bargaining agreements have been ratified, the Hospital will publish schedules through Kronos. Nurses may access the schedules through Kronos.
    2. If fewer staff are needed than are listed on the schedule, the Hospital will utilize the low need procedure in the collective bargaining agreement. However, mandatory low need days issued between the date of ratification and November 30, 2016 will not count toward the annual mandatory low need maximum.
    3. Once nurses are returned to work, they will continue to report to work as regularly scheduled. Once returned, nurses will resume all regularly scheduled call shifts where applicable.
    4. Nurses may be returned to work outside of the described process to complete required education. The Hospital will attempt to schedule any mandatory education at the earliest opportunity for nurses who were unable to complete the mandatory education during the strike.
    5. Nurses in orientation may be returned to work outside of the described process, along with the preceptors orienting those nurses. Nurses may also be returned outside the described process to provide other education on the unit.
    6. Nurses who work through the strike will be considered already working and will not be subject to the return to work process and will continue to work as scheduled.
    7. Once all nurses have been returned to work on the unit and/or department, existing processes for extra hours will apply.
    8. Nurses who have been returned to work may not trade or give-away shifts with nurses who have not been returned to work by the Hospital.
    9. Permanently closed units: Nurses who work in ACE or Ambulatory Care will be moved to selected units consistent with their work agreement, the needs of the hospital, and the nurse's skills/qualifications, FTE, and shift. (This item is specific to Unity Hospital.)
    10. All benefits eligible employees will be eligible for insurance as of November 1, 2016 and subject to open enrollment.
    11. All Registered Nurses who lost hours due to the strike will receive credit for all hours lost for purposes of seniority, pension vesting credit (although not pension contributions), and vacation and sick / PTO accrual amounts (although no accruals will be made). Credit will be based on the nurses FTE.
    12. Registered Nurses who resign without notice due to the strike will get their PTO/Vacation paid.
    13. Registered Nurses who are on FMLA or leave will be activated immediately.
    14. Registered Nurses who were denied tuition reimbursement get reimbursed pursuant to the contract, although the nurses must re-apply for reimbursement.
    15. Pay issues must be resolved individually for each Registered Nurse (parking deductions, missed pay, etc).
    16. Registered Nurses who have workers compensation benefits will automatically have their work compensation benefits restored.
    17. Pre-approved vacation following the strike will be honored for all Registered Nurses. In addition, pre-approved vacation that commenced prior to the start of the strike will be honored and paid.
    18. Registered Nurses who weren't able to complete their certifications by the end of October 2016 will be allowed to return to work and complete their certifications after they return to work.
    19. Registered Nurses will be eligible for the November 1 annual certification bonus, per Appendix A, so long as the nurse submits a copy of the certification as required by the contract.
    20. For Registered Nurses who accepted a position in a different department unit prior the strike, Allina Health will honor the transfer to the new department/unit.
    21. All confirmed work agreements will be honored upon return to work, except for units that are permanently closed (See Item 9).
    22. Nurses, who from September 5, 2016, to date would have requested casual status according to the applicable contract language, will have the request honored as soon as possible, but not to exceed the contract limits of 90 days/3 months.