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Your rights and responsibilities as a Care Management Team patient

  • You have rights and responsibilities when you partner with your Care Management team. Following these will help you take an active role in your health care, well-being and recovery.

    Your Rights

    You have a right to:

    • see information about Allina Health, including:
      • programs and services offered
      • staff qualifications
      • contracts Allina Health has with others
    • not participate in Care Management services
    • decide to leave the program at any time
    • know the names of the case manager and other team members you are working with
    • request a change in case manager or any other team member at any time
    • receive support from your Care Management team members when you and your health care provider make decisions about your health
    • receive information about all services that are available, even ones that your insurance provider will not pay for
    • talk about all of your options with your health care provider(s)
    • have full privacy
      • all medical and personal information will not be shared unless you agree to it
      • know who outside of Allina Health has access to your information
      • know how Allina Health protects your privacy, security and confidentiality
    • be treated with courtesy and respect
      • cultural, social or religious preferences
      • health care choices
    • receive information that you can understand
    • have an interpreter with no cost to you
    • make a formal complaint and suggest changes in Care Management's services without fear of being punished

    Your responsibilities

    You are responsible to:

    • follow the care plan you and members of your Care Management team created
    • tell members of your Care Management team if you cannot follow your plan
    • give members of your Care Management team information they need to help provide care
    • tell members of your Care Management team and your primary care provider that you no longer want this service
    • ask questions when you hear or read something you do not understand
  • Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department, Your Rights and Responsibilities With Allina Health's Care Management Team, gen-ah-18144
    Reviewed by: Allina Health's Patient Education Department experts
    First published: 11/01/2017
    Last reviewed: 11/01/2017