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Helping athletes recover and improve performance, Melissa Borman's story

  • After she broke her leg during a practice last spring, competitive roller girl Melissa Borman - aka Battlegirl Skatetastica - didn't know if her roller derby days were over.

    However, following two surgeries and several months of rehabilitation at Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy, Borman is back on her skates and working toward a return to her sport this spring.

    Borman's physical therapist, Misty Austin, worked with her on clinical Pilates and sport-specific strengthening exercises for legs and core, and provided exercises that Borman could do at home, in the gym and at derby practice. "Misty really motivates me to get there," said Borman, referring to an anticipated return to her recreational roller derby league.

    Personalized plans

    Borman is just one of many athletes who come to Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute for rehabilitation after an injury or surgery or simply to enhance their athletic performance.

    In addition to standard sports and orthopedic physical therapy services offered, there are also a variety of specialized services:

    • Athletic trainers at several regional sites work with high school coaches on strengthening and conditioning, injury prevention, injury evaluation and concussion management.
    • AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill provides unique unweighting technology that reduces the impact of walking or running while the body goes through the normal healing process.
    • RunSMART is a physical therapy program designed to prevent running injuries and to rehabilitate runners injured or recovering from orthopedic surgery. Some sites offer video analysis to better observe body movements in order to individualize the treatment.
    • CycleSMART is a program designed to prevent cycling injuries from overuse and to rehabilitate overuse injuries associated with cycling.

    In most cases, a provider referral is required to initiate treatment. But some programs, such as AlterG and CycleSMART, can be accessed without a referral and paid for by the client without submitting to insurance.

  • Source: Healthy Communities magazine, spring 2013
    Reviewed by: Misty Austin, physical therapist
    First published: 04/08/2013
    Last reviewed: 04/08/2013

  • Roller girl Melissa Borman aka Battlegirl Skatetastica

    Photo source: PreflashGordon