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Sports and orthopedic injuries

  • Whether you participate in organized team sports or are an avid weekend warrior, you may benefit from sports rehabilitation therapy to prevent an injury or recover after one. Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy clinics and providers offer advanced rehabilitation that is designed to prevent and treat sports injuries and conditions.

    Orthopedic rehabilitation focuses on injuries to your musculoskeletal system – your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves – that makes it possible for your body to move.

    Our therapists, many of whom are board-certified sports or orthopedic specialists, evaluate and treat a wide range of diseases and conditions like ACL injuries, broken bones, concussion, torn ligaments, shoulder separation, sprained ankles and repetitive motion injuries. They also do rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery.  

    Courage Kenny sports rehabilitation specialists can reduce your pain, teach you how to prevent sports injuries in the future, and get you back on track quickly and effectively.