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Rob Kreiger

  • Rob KreigerRob Kreiger, PhD, is a senior scientific advisor for the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute at Allina Health. He has more than fifteen years of project experience with Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute client populations. Completed work included projects involving statistical analysis, risk adjustment, care delivery system modeling, and program evaluation. 

    Dr. Kreiger has also been a principal investigator for a NIH/AHRQ grant evaluating risk adjustment models, and developed the technical foundation for Minnesota’s Health Care Home payment model.  He has extensive experience in outcome analysis, including evaluations of clinical interventions, functional status, quality of life, and cost metrics. 

    Another of his interests is promoting clinician-initiated research at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, particularly knowledge transfer of research analysis and design skills.   

    Dr. Kreiger also served as a graduate school course instructor in Public Health Information Systems Analysis and Design at the University of Minnesota.