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Nancy Flinn

  • Nancy Flinn, PhD, senior scientific advisor, Courage Kenny Research Center

    Nancy FlinnCourage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute provides a continuum of services for people with disabilities that encompasses acute inpatient rehabilitation to long-term community-based supports. Dr. Flinn’s research focus has been long-term consequences of disability, including demonstrating the benefits of fitness activities for people with disabilities and demonstrating the value of home and community-based services. 

    Current research projects are a longitudinal investigation of the benefits of participation in sports and recreation from 4 to 8 years of age, a wait-list control project for activity-based locomotor exercise for people with spinal cord injury, and an investigation of the role of wheelchair speed, maneuverability and endurance on community participation for people who primarily use a manual wheelchair. Dr. Flinn is also involved with the development, implementation and evaluation of clinical practice guidelines in rehabilitation, including gait for people with stroke, incorporation of technology for rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury, and upper extremity rehabilitation for people who have had a stroke.