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Nancy Flinn

  • Nancy Flinn, PhD, senior scientific advisor, Courage Kenny Research Center

    Nancy FlinnNancy Flinn, PhD, is a senior scientific advisor in the Courage Kenny Research Center, part of Allina Health.  Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute provides an expanded continuum of services for individuals with disabilities, spanning acute inpatient rehabilitation programs to long-term community based supports. Dr. Flinn’s research has been in long-term consequences of disability, including demonstrating the benefits of fitness activities for individuals with disabilities and demonstrating the value of home and community based services.  She is currently the data manager for a $1.9 million CMS Health Care Innovation grant to expand the clinic and demonstrate the triple aim of a patient centered medical home for persons with disabilities. 

    Allina Health has recently entered into a shared savings agreement with the Minnesota Department of Human Services to provide care to 1700 individuals with disabilities, and Dr. Flinn is on the implementation team, providing insight into the needs of this population.  These innovative models of care delivery and payment reform can only work when based on a clear understanding of the interplay between the health care system and the social supports that are needed to allow individuals with disabilities live independently.