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    Play Long Study

    Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute is conducting a 10-year longitudinal research study exploring the long-term impact of participating in adaptive sports and recreation for young children with disabilities.

    Who is eligible to participate?
    Parents of children who are between 5 and 8 years old and participate in adaptive sports or recreation.

    Children who are between 5 and 8 years old, who participate in adaptive sports or recreation and who have a disability.

    Parents and children complete surveys every six months. Parent surveys will take about 20 to 30 minutes; the child survey will take about five minutes. The parent surveys are about your child’s social participation at home, in school and in the community. If you choose to have your child participate, their surveys are about how they perceive their health and health-related quality of life.

    If parents or children choose to participate, we will mail the surveys to their homes. Parents should contact Stacey Rabusch ( to enroll in the study. 

    Wheelchair Speed and Community Integration Study

    Researchers at Courage Kenny Research Center would like to know more about how you move around in the community using your manual wheelchair.

    Attend one, one-hour session at the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute - Golden Valley. Receive a $20 gift card following the wheelchair handling evaluation in appreciation for your time.

    Contact: Stacey Rabusch, research coordinator, 612-863-0882

    More information  

    Concussion study - seeking volunteers – active adults who have or have not had a concussion

    Researchers at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute are studying an exercise program that includes thinking and moving activities (dual-task) to reduce continuing symptoms after a concussion. The exercise program could be used for highly trained athletes or military members as they recover from concussions.  

    Attend group exercise classes:

    • 60 minutes per session
    • Three sessions per week as able
    • For six weeks
    • Includes exercise stations with movement and thinking activities combined (dual-task)
    • Physical therapists will monitor and progress exercise and activities
    • Attend a 1-1/2 hour testing session before and after exercise classes

    Receive up to $200 in gift cards in appreciation for your time and contribution to this research.

     More information for those who:

    Have had a concussion

    Have not had a concussion 


    Attend a one-time session:

    • 2—2 1/2 hours at Abbott Northwestern Hospital or a community site
    • Participate in physical and thinking activities while wearing activity monitors
    • Complete some questionnaires about thinking skills, mood, and everyday activities
    • Receive a $50 gift card compensation in appreciation for your time

     More information for those who:

    Have had a concussion

    Have not had a concussion 

    Contact: Maggie Weightman, principal investigator, 612-863-6525, or Stacey Rabusch, research coordinator, 612-863-0882.

    Charge of Quarters Duty – Alternate Form Research Study

    Help us research a way to get our soldiers safely back to duty after concussion.

    You can participate in a research study to help medical providers know when Service Members with a concussion should return to challenging activities such as military duty. Receive $50 in gift cards in appreciation for your time.

    Who is eligible to participate?
    1. People with an acquired brain injury (such as concussion, traumatic brain injury, stroke) and
    2. People without a history of acquired brain injury.

    If interested contact Ginger Carroll, Courage Kenny Research Coordinator, at or 612-863-3262.

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