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Inpatient care

  • Spinal cord injury rehabilitation begins while you are still in the hospital. Once your condition has stabilized, your medical care team will recommend the treatment that is best for you before you leave the hospital. In some circumstances, your physician may recommend comprehensive rehabilitation in a hospital setting. Following a spinal cord injury, you and your family are the most important part of the rehabilitation team. Your input will be crucial in setting and achieving goals, organizing family conferences and creating discharge plans.

    Upon admission to Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, a team of spinal cord injury experts will determine your level of independence and level of need for assistance.

    After the initial evaluation is completed, the team meets within four to five days of admission to review results of the evaluations and create a care plan that details the anticipated length of stay, goals to be achieved (short-and long-term), discharge location and needs after discharge.

    Patients in the inpatient spinal cord program receive at least three hours of therapy each day. Typical activities depend on the specifics of your injury, but can include:

    • learning how to get dressed and prepare meals
    • learning how to use a wheelchair and move yourself from the wheelchair to a bed, car, and other locations
    • attending support groups and individual counseling to help with emotional adjustment
    • learning to understand your medications, care for your skin, and manage your bowel and bladder
    • practicing rehabilitation skills in the community with the help of therapists
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    Our Outcomes

    Three months after discharge, 100% of patients from our inpatient rehabilitation at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and United Hospital reported they move around their homes and communities independently.