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Spinal Cord Injury System of Care

  • Your spinal cord sends the messages to and from your brain and body that make it possible for you to feel and move. After a spinal cord injury, you can experience a wide range of problems - a loss of feeling, paralysis, breathing problems, and difficulty controlling your bowel and bladder. The physical and emotional challenges of the illness may feel overwhelming.

    With comprehensive rehabilitation, education and support, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Spinal Cord Injury System of Care can help you and your family cope with the complex difficulties after a spinal cord injury.

    We serve individuals who have received a traumatic or non-traumatic injury to their spinal cord, and provide services for all stages of recovery: inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient and lifelong follow-up.  

  • Nationally recognized spinal cord care

    Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute has been certified in Spinal Cord Injury by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) since 1993. This means we have met the highest industry standards for quality care and service. We are the only non-VA specialty accredited site in the Twin Cities. 

  • Source: Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
    Reviewed by: Jennifer Theis, MSOTR/C, program coordinator, Courage Kenny Spinal Cord System of Care
    First published: 03/22/2011
    Last reviewed: 03/03/2011