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Speech-language pathology

  • Losing the ability to communicate can be a devastating loss. People who have trouble communicating often feel misunderstood, isolated and depressed. Our speech therapists (also called speech-language pathologists) help people of all ages who are having trouble communicating or swallowing or have cognition issues.

    Speech therapy focuses on restoring speech and language skills, cognition and swallowing function lost due to illness or injury. Many health issues can cause these difficulties, including autism, stroke, Parkinson's disease, head and neck cancer and brain injury.

    Speech therapists also work with children, helping to improve stuttering and other communication problems.

  • Speech-language pathologists at Allina Health evaluate and treat the following disorders:

    expand to learn moreDysarthria

    expand to learn moreDysphagia

    expand to learn moreApraxia

    expand to learn moreAphasia

    expand to learn moreCognitive linguistic deficits

    expand to learn moreChildhood speech/language and feeding/swallowing disorders

    expand to learn moreVoice disorders

    expand to learn moreParadoxical vocal fold motion (PVFM) or vocal cord dysfunction