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Post Polio Clinic

  • The Institute created its Post Polio Clinic in 1982.

    A protocol was established for diagnosing and treating post polio syndrome.

    The Institute's goal was to better define the extent of the problem as well as to define those issues that were remediable and those that should be addressed with braces, ambulatory aids, wheelchairs and adaptive equipment designed to enhance function in the presence of increased weakness and disability.

    Baseline measures are established in:

    • range of motion
    • contractures and skeletal deformities
    • muscle strength
    • endurance
    • breathing capacity
    • ambulatory aids and assistive devices.
  • Source: Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
    Reviewed by: Jennine L. Speier, MD
    First published: 03/22/2011
    Last reviewed: 03/01/2011