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Occupational therapy for children

  • Courage Kenny Kids occupational therapists are dedicated to helping children

    Courage Kenny Kids occupational therapy services can be helpful if illness, injury or disability is affecting an infant, child or teen’s daily life. Sometimes people need occupational therapy to do things we take for granted, like getting dressed, being productive at school or work, eating unassisted, even socializing.

    Occupational therapy is "outcome-oriented," which means therapists help individuals work toward achievable performance goals. Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants help children and teens learn or regain skills that allow them to do meaningful things like playing, participating at school or work, driving, shopping, even preparing a meal or eating.

    We can help children with:

    • Activities that promote independence
    • Adaptive equipment and techniques
    • Assistive technology
    • Hand therapy and writing skills
    • Executive thinking activities
    • Feeding skills
    • Fine motor control activities
    • Play skills
    • Sensory tolerance to sensory processing
    • Transitional skills in school and life
    • Upper extremity strengthening