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Artist profile

  • Doug Miller

    Best In Show
    Farmington, New Mexico

    Doug Miller's artGrowing up in the southwest, Doug has always been fascinated by the artwork of the region’s ancient inhabitants. The designs on ancient shards of pottery as well as those found as rock art on cliff faces is reflected in much of his work through geometric patterns.  “My art does not stop there however. I love winter snow scenes and looking out my window to see wildlife in their natural habitat. I naturally seek out the beauty in all I see and try to incorporate that beauty into my art.”


    Elizabeth Sullivan

    First Place Watercolor 
    Elgin, Texas

    Elizabeth Sullivan's artElizabeth enjoys painting horses and other wildlife and the graceful motion they embody. She likes to paint with watercolor, as its flowing nature contributes beautifully to the motion of her paintings. Her watercolor artwork often becomes a mixed media piece as she incorporates gold leaf, gel pens and fancy papers to enhance her work. She participated in art fairs for years until the need for oxygen 24/7 due to severe asthma and COPD made her focus primarily on commission and gallery work. “I paint for people. I am genuinely thrilled that so many people have understood my art and feel the same way I do about wild animals.”


    Sal Panasci

    First Place Oil &Acrylics 
    Devon, Pennsylvania

    Sal Panasci's artSal paints in several media: oil, watercolor and pastel.  His style is abstract, yet his subjects are clearly identifiable. 

    “I paint because it has given me an identity, after having lost mine following an automobile accident in which I experienced a traumatic brain injury. Painting has become my passion and permits me to enter a world where I am an equal to others. I receive enormous satisfaction when someone purchases a painting I have done, because that confirms my ability to contribute something of value.” 


    Sheila Pitt

    First Place Graphic
    Tucson, Arizona

    Sheila Pitt's artAfter a catastrophic accident in 2008 that left Sheila a quadriplegic, she thought she would never make art again. With limited use of her left hand there was no way to cut wood, which was the art medium she had worked with most. Using a Wacom tablet, her computer and Photoshop, she was able to draw again in a new way. Her studio assistant helps manipulate Photoshop for Sheila while she does all the drawing and image making. Her assistant then processes the image. Sheila’s artwork since the accident is a visual diary that documents her slow but steady recovery. She currently teaches printmaking with the help of the Disabilities Resource Center at the University of Arizona.


    Juliana Coles

    First Place Mixed Media
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Juliana Coles first place art“As an epileptic, my reality is altered. It is through my work that I have sought to piece together fragmented memories by combining words with imagery utilizing mixed media to create a personal history that I am not always a conscious participant in. My art form enables me to create new pathways in my brain after a seizure by creating relationships between unknowns. It empowers me to create order, clarity and understanding in the midst of abnormal cerebral function. My disability is a gift: the intense essence of who I am and the very foundation of my mission in life.”


    Leslie Zukor

    First Place Photography
    Mercer Island, Washington

    Leslie Zukor's artDespite significant disabilities, Leslie is a photographer with a unique artistic vision. Her goal is to capture that never-before seen moment, the universal in the particular and the beauty of the world around her. Born without depth perception, with nearly constant double vision and severely restricted peripheral vision in one eye, Leslie has been in intensive vision therapy to correct the issues that have arisen as a result of her condition. Her artistic loves span a number of subjects, including sports, nature, animal and wildlife photography. Leslie hopes her artistic journey will inspire others. Her goal is to continue creating unique images, despite her challenges.


    Mary Newman

    First Place Sculpture
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Mary Newman's sculptureMary had her first exhibit at the age of five in 1956 at a Walker Art Center kids show. She is mostly a self-taught artist who learns by experimenting with many traditional materials as well as new innovative materials. Mary has attended night courses in neon art, woodworking, upholstery, jewelry making, bookbinding, ceramics, glass making, stained glass, architecture, basket making, landscape architecture, weaving and making paper. For many years she has also enjoyed crafting, hat making and working in the metal arts.