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  • For beginner to advanced cyclists

    A program for beginner to advanced cyclists, CycleSMART helps all cyclists ride more efficiently and comfortably.

    "I went out for my longest ride of the year, and I was completely pain-free.

    Your adjustments to the bike, and to my riding posture, were really helpful. Thanks for the great work!"

    Email from Chuck to his CycleSMART therapist

    The "SMART" in our name means "Skilled Movement And Rehabilitation Team." It refers to our physical therapists with special training in preventing and treating cycling-related injuries.

    Cycling overuse injuries

    CycleSMART is designed to prevent and rehabilitate overuse injuries associated with cycling.

    Cycling overuse injuries like these are often caused by improper position of the cyclist on the bike:

    • back pain
    • foot pain and numbness.
    • neck pain
    • hand pain and numbness
    • knee pain   
    • shoulder pain

    Musculoskeletal evaluation

    The therapist performs a complete musculoskeletal evaluation to identify physical limitations or weaknesses that could lead to biomechanical issues resulting in pain while cycling.

    Posture and body mechanics, on and off the bike, can play a significant role in cycling position and risk for potential overuse injuries. Your therapist can help you address your limitations and improve your pain with cycling.

    Biomechanical evaluation of the cyclist

    The repetitive nature of the pedal stroke in cycling can cause small deviations to become large, painful problems. The way a cyclist sits on the bike can be a result of poor core weakness or postural issues. This can lead to an inefficient pedal stroke.

    During a CycleSMART evaluation, your position on the bike and pedal stroke will be assessed, using video analysis if necessary. Combining the physical examination and the biomechanical assessment leads to an individualized set of exercises that can help you achieve pain free cycling. This assessment is not a bike fitting.

    If you are seeking a bike fitting, please contact your local bike shop.