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  • Matthew BarronAn active approach to recovery

    Matthew Barron of Hastings takes an active approach to recovery after a staph infection and multi-organ failure during treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia resulted in lost sensory and motor function to his legs.

    Abby DwyerAn "I can beat this" attitude

    Abby's optimism and determination has helped her through chemotherapy, surgeries and rehabilitation. Now she's back in school and she has competed in a triathlon.

    Marlis ScholljegerdesHumor and Perseverance

    Cancer and stroke survivor Marlis Scholljegerdes has inspired other patients with her empathy, her work ethic, and the ability to laugh at herself and keep at a task when at first she doesn't succeed.

    Marlene MillerAttitude of gratitude

    Cancer survivor Marlene Miller's positive attitude has enabled her to experience joy in her journey through cancer diagnosis, surgery, treatment and rehabilitation. Yes, that's right, "joy" is the word she uses.

    Nancy Vonruden

    Vonruden experienced at least four separate occurrences of cancer during a 20-year period. In spite of the debilitating effects of surgeries and treatments, she worked diligently to regain lost ground and maintain the highest possible level of function.