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Athletic training

  • Whether you’re an everyday athlete, a young adult competing on your high school soccer team, or a seasoned athlete, Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy offers certified athletic training to meet your needs.

    Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy provides certified athletic training services in five Minnesota and western Wisconsin locations. We provide a full range of services from emergency care and rehabilitation after an injury, to prevention of injuries, and treatment and rehabilitation of chronic medical conditions.

    Athletic training services are offered in a variety of settings to meet your sports and fitness needs:

    Services include:

    • athletic team practice and event coverage
    • athletic training contracts for sports teams and athletes
    • biomechanical analysis
    • concussion prevention and treatment
    • emergency medical treatment
    • evaluation and referral to physicians and other health care providers
    • injury prevention including CycleSmart and RunSmart
    • physical and occupational therapy
    • strength and conditioning