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General information

  • Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute offers aquatic therapy at 12 sites in Minnesota and through River Falls Area Hospital in Wisconsin. See our Locations page for scheduling phone numbers.

    • Participants should check with their insurance providers regarding coverage and co-payments for aquatic therapy.
    • At all sites, a medical provider's order is needed for an appointment with the therapist. There will be an initial evaluation by the therapist in the clinic (not at the pool) before aquatic therapy begins.
    • The therapist will inform the participant about the amenities available at the pool facility, such as lockers, locks and towels, whether the facility is wheelchair accessible or whether there is a wheelchair lift.
    • At some pool sites, a lifeguard is on duty. At all sites, a therapist is in attendance with the participant.
    • Those who need assistance before or after class may have an attendant accompany them to appointments.
    • Some sites offer group sessions and open-swim sessions. Contact the specific site for further information and to schedule appointments.
    • Check out our Aquatic Therapy brochure for more information.
  • Independent therapeutic exercise (ITE) schedules

  • Independent therapeutic exercise times are available in all three Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute pools and both adaptive fitness centers.

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